Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wild Winds

The last three days have been very windy, but Sunday and Tuesday were, well, dangerously windy! Freakish gusts, prolonged intense winds. It has just been weird. In the aftermath last night, we had a little walk around. The row cover, or horticultural fleece, has survived - thanks to Natalia and Vartan for doing such a good job of putting it down! (I noticed Vartan has used it in his little rental plot - we're rubbing off on him!). Tree branches, some big, are everywhere! Brother-in-law Murray's camper took a dive and the hoop house now has air conditioning. One of the bird feeders went flying and assorted pots and crates got blown all over. I've never seen the crates we use levitating like that - it was unsettling! But this morning seems fairly calm, and the chores of a market garden carry right on!

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