Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dog Days!

Happy, happy doggies everywhere around Aagaard Farms! Days of romping, roaming, digging, swimming, chasing!! Yesterday, during potato planting Panda Bear and Grizzly Bear were just in doggie heaven; they followed the potato planter, sniffed at all the freshly turned earth, trotted up to say hi to Vartan and Natalia anytime the planter stopped, rushed off to check a gopher hole, chased some birds, barked at an airplane, ran to the house for a drink, barked at a passing car and just on and on and on. Blaze was not far behind them, and he also had a swim in the dugout, one of his favorite things. Diva Teddy Bear was, of course, not mixed up in any of this nonsense. She spent most of the day reclining at the front door.

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