Thursday, May 20, 2010

Something Fresh and Local for The Hens

Just because we want to keep The Hens happy, and because we like to recycle, we put something new and different in their pasture today! Grass clippings, with mountains of dandelions heads! Farmer Man did the first mowing of the season on the front lawn, which was awash with bright yellow dandelions. We frequently leave the clippings on the lawn, for 'on-the-spot' composting - the clippings break down quite quickly (it only looks messy for 24 to 36 hours, I promise!), returning their nutrition to the soil. But, the lawn was quite long and it would have been quite messy, so Farmer Man decided to take some of it off. Now, we could have composted it but we do tend to have a lot of green, juicy stuff in our compost so it seemed like over-doing it! So, something different for The Hens to scratch in - and they seem to be loving those dandelion heads!

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