Tuesday, October 1, 2013

CSA For October 1st - The Last Tuesday Share!

Things are really winding down.  The gardens show signs of... age, shall we say.  There are few flowers on any of the plants, leaves are browning and getting crispy, the fruit trees are turning golden.  In this last pick up of the season for Tuesday's families we're going to be sharing some goodies that will last you for a while! We regret that our potato harvest has been such a disaster...I really notice the absence in the shares.

It drives us crazy, this time of year, when recipes call for a can of pumpkin puree.  This is the time to make your own using fresh and local squash!  Awesome to pull out of the freezer in the dead-of-winter for soups, casseroles, muffins and more!  Here's some easy instructions here.  We don't puree it at the time, just mash it a bit.  We put one cup portions into freezer bags; they stack nicely and don't take up a ton of freezer space.  Then, grab one when you're ready for muffins!  We freeze some different purees: Hubbard, Kabocha, Acorn - all are great for most recipes!  One delicious way to use winter squash is as an easy pasta suace!  This one boils the skinned and cubed quash with stock for a Butternut Pasta Sauce.  Try this Winter Squash and Balsamic Pasta Sauce from the Cookin' Canuck for some zing!

A few more recipes for your arsenal: this Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese Galette sounds divine!  For breakfast, how about a Baked Pumpkin French Toast?  This would be really nice with Hubbard or Kabocha winter squash!  And, you can prepare it the day before, bake it up in the morning!  Here's a great treasury of squash recipes to bookmark:  26 Pumpkin Recipes.

We're sharing our tomato harvest, even though very little is ripe.  Here's a great link (from a fun website) on how to ripen tomatoes indoors.  Here's another great post for ripening tomatoes indoors from one of fav bloggers - we follow her blog Farmgirl Fare regularly for great recipes and fun shots of her farm.

As a little, parting treat:  our summer sown beans are ready - not in the quantity we might like, but a nice taste for everyone!

So, in the share this final week:  For everyone: tomatoes, beans, carrots, Delicata squash, Buttercup squash, Spaghetti squash and for the Part and Full shares Sugar Pie Pumpkin!

Enjoy! And thank you so much for 'eating' your summer with us!