Thursday, May 27, 2010

De-constructing the Grow Op

Finally, we're getting back our little sunroom/sitting room! Well, almost. As seedlings have been planted, more trays of seedlings can go up to the greenhouse. Today, we're able to take out two of the three folding tables that have been holding trays of seedlings. The third table has to stay for now, holding winter squash seedlings, which are looking great! The light-stand will stay for now, too, as it is nurturing the last seeding of herbs, and some oddities like eggplant. What's left after the tables come out? A great big mess! I haven't been able to really reach the two bookcases in the room, so they are thick with dust. And, even though we try to be careful, we've splashed, splooshed, dropped and gooped our way around this little room since February. So, a thorough cleaning is in order and then our little sitting room is ours again. It's a beautiful place to sit on a late Spring evening. Birds are coming and going from the feeder and bird bath, we can hear Rocky crowing about his good day, the doggies may be playing on the grass beside the windows and sometimes wildlife will wander by! We just have to get through the cleaning......

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