Friday, May 7, 2010

And Then There Were 34...

We lost a chicken last night; one of the little white Leghorns was sluggish for a couple of days. Then, yesterday, she wouldn't move from the nesting box and by evening was very unresponsive. I moved her into a box in the greenhouse, which I thought would be warmer. Tried to give her water and make her comfortable and cozy. Although we are not experts by any means, we've done our reading and examined her for any signs of disease or parasites or injury. Nothing obvious. It was sad to find she had passed away through the night. We buried her this morning and said a few words. It's always hard to lose an animal, we just hope she had a good life here at Aagaard Farms and is now happily scratching away in a better place. Rocky now has one less Girl to guard; the whole flock seems a little quiet this morning, like they know someone is missing. Or maybe I just imagine that......


  1. Sorry about your chicken loss :(
    I always feel better when I hear from someone else who has a negative emotional response to the loss of a farm animal.
    It means that your farm takes great care in caring for its livestock and to me this is so important and I feel undervalued in our current "livestock production" methods.

    She spent her life safe and warm under the care of farmers who loved her.

    super great :)

  2. We value you, Prairie Chicken!! We particularly love your Etsy shop and all your great handcrafts.