Saturday, May 1, 2010

We've Been Looking For This!

We try to be earth-friendly and sustainable in what we do here at Aagaard Farms. We've been looking for information to keep our chickens chemical-free: no antibiotics or hormones for our eggs, thank you. It's hard! Online, in the bookstores there is lots of information for cats and dogs, some for horses and a wee bit for cattle. Found one great book for goats, which we don't have (yet!). Chickens, not so much! So, we were quite excited to find an article in one of our fav new magazines 'Backyard Poultry'. Herbal remedies for poultry, particularly for spring eggs and breeding, and the info on three great websites. Susan Burek is an herbalist at Moonlight Mile Herb Farm, Laura Corstange runs the Wishing Tree and the both answer questions on an herb forum all about poultry and animals at Blue Moon Forum!

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