Sunday, May 16, 2010

Planting Onion Sets

The first official planting in the garden has taken place! Onion sets are in the ground! I co-opted my pal Deb on Thursday and we planted a couple of rows of Spanish onions. Vartan and Natalia have been helping prune the raspberries, and since they were finished that job, they finished the onions while I went off to work yesterday. Spanish, red and yellow onions are done! Farmer Man made small trenches with the seeder and then we did two staggered rows of the little bulbs down each side of the trench. We just push the little onion sets down into the soil, which goes fairly quickly in our sandy soil. The sets are planted fairly thickly, because we will take out smaller sizes of onions earlier in the season, thinning the lines as we go. Cross one job off the very, very long to-do list!

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