Friday, May 14, 2010

The First Asparagus, and The First Skunking...

Ah, Spring. Farmer Man found the first asparagus last night. We'd walked the rows about a week ago and found no sign of anything but weeds. Last night, he scored!! A handful of short, fat shoots - just yummy!! If you've never had fresh asparagus from the garden (truly fresh, minutes from the garden) it's glorious! Are we still eating local? You bet! Last night's dinner was our own, homegrown pork roast, our own Russian Blue potatoes, fresh asparagus and some store-bought yam (from far, far away, as they say in The Dark Days Challenge). Just delicious!

All this has been tempered this morning by Blaze and Grizzly Bear having their first meeting with a skunk this year. Wasn't as bad as it could have been....neither was fully sprayed. But even a little whiff of skunk is too much! The occasion called for an impromptu bath by hose with the special skunk shampoo. Much struggling, whining, and shaking later, the situation seems under control! Now we've just got a couple of wet dogs getting dirtier by the minute as they go around the farm!


  1. jealous about your first asparagus harvest of the year... looking forward to my own next year.

  2. Meg oven-roasted asparagus for our Mother's Day dinner -- a light drizzle with olive oil and sea salt and cracked pepper. Delicious! Make sure we get Jack to make his Chicken Fetteccuni Alfredo in August -- also delicious!


  3. Prairie Chicken - it's sooooo much better than what you get in the stores!!!!!