Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rain, Beautiful Rain!

It's been raining/drizzling/snowing off and on for a few days now. Boy, could we use it! We have had low precipitation averages since last September - yes, that's last September! As Farmer Man found when he tried to disk the fields last week, it's like powder eight or nine inches down. As you can see from the photo, we're just at bud-break here, so rain will really help all the awakening trees and shrubs! Some days, it is hard to be cruising The Web; I read that the Pacific Northwest is harvesting asparagus, California is eating the first strawberries of the year. Problem for us, is that our temperatures are rather low - frost is still a huge possibility. But the rain has come at a good time for another reason: Farmer Man has put his back out - waaaaay out- and can hardly walk! A rainy period is a good time for down time!

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  1. Poor Farmer Man -- I sympathize totally as a fellow back sufferer! Heat and drugs!!