Sunday, May 16, 2010

In All It's Glory...

We blogged here about forcing the stems of early blooming shrubs like double-flowered plum or forsythia. Well, here's the double flowered plum in all its' glory in the garden - just a sight to behold! This is an awesome shrub for Prairie gardeners; hardy, reliable, gorgeous spring bloom and pretty fall colour. Give it the room it needs and please, please, please don't give it little haircuts on its' tips, which ruins its' natural shape. Now, I must admit that the bloom is maybe a week of glory, if it's not windy. But well worth it! For some gorgeous close-ups, visit Prairie Girl Studios - some delightful photographs there! I was waiting rather impatiently for mine - some of the shrubs in protected town gardens started blooming two weeks ago. Well worth the wait, I'd say!

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