Monday, May 3, 2010

New Pasture for The Hens!

Farmer Man has been fencing this past week. The pasture the poultry used last year is, well, used up! The Hens and Rocky have scratched it up, pecked it apart and straw has gotten spread all over. So, we felt they needed 'greener' pastures! Something where the grass is growing, alfalfa is coming up, and bugs will be more plentiful, the first photo. So, Farmer Man has spent the last few days fencing in the area north of last year's pasture. The new pasture will incorporate the same spruce trees, for their protection from hawks and for some shade. It's part of an old alfalfa field now mixed with grass and weeds that hasn't been cut in a couple of years: lots of good greens for them to eat! We'll probably seed grass and/or a cover crop into last year's pasture; with all that chicken manure what ever Farmer Man chooses should grow like crazy and we'll flip The Hens back into it next year. Have to do a little reading first, to make sure one year is long enough to eliminate the possibilities of transmitting pests or parasites. Add that to the reading list!

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