Saturday, May 22, 2010

Follow The Leader

Looks like a nice, organized stroll through the pasture. In the very right of the picture you can see Farmer Man's foot. I love the way The Hens and Rocky come running when he approaches the coop. They know him, and they know they'll get some good scratch! Farmer Man's having a little inspection tour, with the scratch bucket in hand - so The Hens aren't letting him far from their sight! It's so amusing to watch them run after him; chickens can't really be called graceful, it's more of a forward-neck out-bob to either side kind of shimmy that they do.


  1. I love love love watching chickens running from behind.. their feathered little butts is beyond hilarious.

  2. Their 'feathered little butts' is a good way to put it! Isn't there some old kids' song about 'a wiggle waggle here, a wiggle waggle there...'