Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Little Doggie, Big Bed!

Farmer Man's brother-in-law, Murray, was our awesome house/chicken/dog/cat sitter while we got a little winter vacation this year. He must have mentionned to his wife, Susan, that The Three Bears had cute little beds, but Blaze, the border collie had none; Blaze just finds a comfy spot by Farmer Man and stretches out. Murray was heading our way this weekend, and sister Susan sent along a little (well, big!) present for Blaze: a beautiful, round, plush bed. Funny thing is, Blaze doesn't seem interested. We've called him, told him to sit here, wrestled him onto it, rubbed his tummy, draped ourselves over it, wrapped him in it to get his smell on it but no, he's not interested. He slept last night curled around it! However, Panda Bear is rather enjoying it.......

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