Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Love This Moment.....

I love this moment in time, every Spring. Farmer Man has just tilled the gardens for the last time. The soil is fresh, new and ready to plant! It will only look this pristine for a day or two: tomorrow or Tuesday he will lay out the rental plots, those people will come plant, he'll start to plant and everything will start to look a bit more messed up, stepped on and, well, regimented and organized. But, tonight, it's perfect and unspoiled! Soon, the market gardening starts in earnest!


  1. Isn't that right! I really like the look after I have done the garden. Even the first few foot steps are neat. But it is an unfinished piece of art at that point so gladly we plant and create the mosaic which is our garden.

  2. Beautiful words, Clayton! And you're so right about the first few foot steps!