Monday, May 17, 2010

Planting Potatoes!

Today's the day! Or the next few days.....Farmer Man is ready to plant potatoes. He's been bringing up crates of his potato collection for a few days. Each seed potato needs three eyes to grow well, so he's been cutting the larger potatoes and then leaving them to dry in the crates. We don't want a wet, gooey cut going into the ground; they would be more prone to rot so each cut variety dries for at least twenty four hours. I've got to work the next few days so Vartan and Natalia will be helping him. Our potato planter is a recycled (up cycled?) tree planter; Farmer Man's father Andy Aagaard was very good at re-using and recycling. It's not the most comfortable ride - but a couple of cushions help. Vartan and Natalia will be here the next few mornings, I'll probably be riding the planter the next few nights when I get home from work. By the time we're done, we'll have almost four acres of some twenty different varieties in the ground!


  1. I better start working on my potato patter to accompany my squash patter!


  2. We'll send your a primer so you can study before you come here!