Thursday, May 6, 2010

Composting 2010

We've started our new compost pile for 2010! Our 'composter' is made of discarded wooden pallets - 4 sides, lots of good air circulation, re-using something that may otherwise have gone to the dump! The first bucket of kitchen scraps has been dumped, along with the (once) lovely pussy willows our neighbour Fred gave us. It's a start! Our garden renters will also add to this pile through the growing season; it is often full by the middle of August and this will be removed to make room for more. Our 2009 pile, augmented this year by the chickens, will be used sparingly - we don't really have enough to just broad coast it in the fields, so we will choose where we apply it. We often add a scoop to the hole dug for each tomato, for instance, and will use it as part of the raised beds or mounds for winter and summer squash.

Are you composting? Are you ready to start? Westman has some great events coming up - all free to the public. Knox United Church is sponsoring an evening of 'Composting and Smart Gardening' at the Green Spot Monday, May 10th starting at 6:30 PM. I'll be taking my worms that night, so if you're interested in worm composting (or vermiculture) come meet my worms! There is no charge and everyone is welcome! And the Brandon Community Garden Network is holding a 'Compost Crawl Workshop Extravaganza'! The event is this Saturday, May 8th. It starts at 12:30 at Rock Park, at 15th and Louise, next to Hobbs Manor. They'll be moving on to two other sites through the afternoon. It's family oriented - kids welcome! For further info on that contact or phone 729-2494!

Compost is one of the best things you can do for your plants, your garden and the Earth! It's not that hard!!!!!!! It's time to get started!


  1. would have loved to come meet your worms.
    I'm having trouble with mine :(
    I built my own bin and I'm kinda struggling with harvesting and seperating the worms from the compost..

    but I work on monday so sadly, I can't come grope your worms.

  2. I leave them hungry for two or three weeks, making sure they've really used up what's in the bin. Then, I push the old stuff to one side, put new bedding and food in the open space and let them 'migrate' to the new stuff. Works pretty well! I still poke through the old stuff to make sure I'm not taking any out with the finished compost!