Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet Potatoes on the Prairies?

We love sweet potatoes. But they don't really grow here, not just in Manitoba, but in Canada. They want a really long, hot growing season - and well, we're just too short a summer. We've tried to buy them from America, but with bans on soils and tubers coming across the border it was always mission impossible. I was, therefore, very excited when I saw them offered in Vesey's catalogue this spring. Before I had even read all the info I had clicked the icon to add them to my shopping basket! They didn't come with our seed order, didn't come with the back orders and I figured it wasn't happening. I expected tubers and I expected them early, so that we could get them off to an early start. What just arrived - unrooted cuttings. They arrived with an apology because Vesey's seems to have been expecting rooted cuttings. So, after a little dithering as we decided what to do, they got planted in big pots so that we can bring them into the greenhouse or even the sun room in order to get them finished. We'll keep you posted!

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