Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Bad Habits

Just what I needed, new things to take me away from my chores! In cruising the Internet, I've gotten hooked into a couple of great sites, but sites which can take up a lot of my time. Wish I'd found them last winter, but I will have them for this coming winter! Kathy of Cold Climate Gardening has a blog directory that pretty much covers the world. You can search by province, state and country where she has member blogs. The other site is Blotanical, a gathering place for garden bloggers and gardeners. Blotanical is truly international, started by a fellow named Stuart in Australia. You can see fabulous gardens, exotic plants, read of other peoples' struggles with poor soil, cold and wind. Or perhaps you'd like to grow a banana tree - find someone that can grow them in their backyard and learn more about what the needs for soil and situation. Taking the laptop to the beach this summer?

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