Friday, June 4, 2010

Seed Balls: Slightly Subversive Party Favors

I love this idea! Evergreen, the Canadian charity that is all about greening up cities, has a fabulous recipe on their blog for seed balls. A mixture of (generally) wild flower seeds, dirt and clay; the balls are a fun and easy project for kids at parties. Something a little greener and more useful than trinkets and candies! Aside from the fun of playing in dirt - the seed balls can then be 'planted' (tossed, quite literally) and the kids can watch them grow. The subversive part: guerrilla gardeners can take them and 'bomb' derelict lots, sterile back alleys and other places that could use a little life! Evergreen does not recommend the subversive part - they say nothing about that on their blog. I've read it about it other places, Green Frieda was making some last winter in a quest to spread native flowers in her area. Read about Evergreen's recipe here.

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