Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mmmmmm! Mockorange!

There is no better place in the whole, wide world right now than the little garden bench on my front patio! It's always a nice place, but right now it is absolutely divine due to the 'Blizzard' mockorange right beside the bench. The shrub is in full bloom, and smells heavenly. It's almost intoxicating sitting on that bench! 'Blizzard' mockorange is a great shrub for Prairie gardeners! It's so tough and reliable, and yet so gorgeous. It's hardy enough to go even farther north: say Flin Flon or even Thompson! Give it room; it wants to be about five to six feet tall and wide and its' natural habit is so nice, you really don't want to get into pruning it to keep it down to a size. It's one of the few shrubs around here that showed no winter damage this year - we love it just for that! Now, if a little hummingbird would come to the feeder while I was sitting on the bench - life would be perfect!


  1. Thanks for the suggestion!
    I totally just added it to my list.

    I wanted to plant shrubs & tree's earlier in the spring but.... we just spent $$ on landscapers doing a flowerbed repair instead. Pesky budget.

    Can I plant tree's in July? or is it too hot? should I wait till the fall? our season is so short. Should I wait till next year?

    so many questions

  2. With a large lawn, definitely a view anyone would love to experience sitting on that bench, with the fragrance and the melodic act of hummingbirds.... ~bangchik

  3. Prairie Chicken: July/August is a little hard on the plants and the gardener because we get so hot and (usually) so dry. Water, water, water would be the key! There's some good sales on at this time when the box stores close out their garden sections, though. Fall is an excellent time to plant, and again, usually some good deals as the nurseries start to have sales. And their stuff is usually in better shape than the box stores!

  4. I can almost smell the heady scent - love this plant. Lucky you

    Laura x

  5. Love viewing your mock orange - I can smell it from here. Thanks so much for stopping by CheepRooms.

  6. Hello,
    You're like me, a beautiful view in the garden and it's paradise.

  7. Sounds great, heres hoping you get that humming bird!