Friday, June 25, 2010

Borrowing the View

It's a common trick in landscape design to 'borrow' the scenery around you and incorporate it into your landscape. If the neighbour has a great evergreen hedge, use it as the bones of a shrub and perennial border. Or if there is some magnificent trees next door, layer smaller trees in front, so that it looks like the big trees are part of your landscape. Got a great pastoral scene over yonder? Use an opening in your hedge or fence to 'frame' it, making your garden look like it goes on forever! I'm fortunate to be in the country, with a most enjoyable vista. I may have to remove part of the existing lilac hedge to enjoy the neighbour's horses more. Or move part of the existing lilac hedge to the east, so that I don't see as much of the industrial east-end of Brandon!

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