Saturday, June 5, 2010

Planting the Upside-down Tomato!

Got the upside-down tomato planted! We've had this little hanging gadget for three years, and quite enjoy it. Yes, we'll have a field of tomatoes, but we like to keep something close to the house for convenient snacking. We cleaned it out, including a little rinse with vinegar and water. It comes with the hanging bag, a lid and a little foam ring that fits around the tomato. In the wheelbarrow picture, we've fitted the ring around the top growth of the tomato. We chose a 'Celebrity' tomato we started from seed - a reliable producer of medium size tasty fruit. (The hardest part of this whole adventure was picking which tomato to put in!). Now, tomatoes are one of the few things that you can bury the stem, and it will root. So, we've got the foam collar high around the plant. Next, we gently inserted it into the bag, with Farmer Man holding the root ball, keeping the stem from bending or breaking. He kept the root ball in place with the dandelion fork while I filled the bag with soil less mix containing a water-retention gel, mixed with some of the worm compost. A handful of kelp meal on top, put the lid on and - voila! Upside-down tomato, ready to grow!

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