Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More Aftermath.....

The effects of the weekends' storm are still being felt! All things considered, we were very fortunate here at Aagaard Farms. Parts of Manitoba experienced flooding, road wash-outs and large trees down on cars and buildings. The biggest thing here, of late, is Farmer Man has had to use the tractor twice to pull out renters who tried to drive down to their garden plots. It kind of falls under the category 'what were they thinking', but who am I to say anything? I made an appointment for a meeting right after dropping The Bears off at the groomers. Went into my meeting with paw prints on my trousers! Both the gardeners who got stuck are new renters this year, and they may not have realized they were driving into the lowest part of the land, right beside the dugout, where all the water drains......Now, a picnic table is across the road, to keep any one else from trying to make the drive for the next couple of days!

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  1. Hi from a slightly drier Saskatoon. Over 3.5 inches here but not the damage as far as I can see. Sorry for the difficulties. I used to travel down to the Research Station nearly every summer to do disease ratings and I always thought you had a lot of moisture in that area. It also made for a more lush environment so you win some and you lose some. All the best on the recovery side.