Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday Night Farmers Market!

It kind of snuck up on us - just doesn't seem like Farmers Market weather, and the growing season doesn't seem long enough yet. But, last night was the first Friday Night Farmers Market at Shoppers Mall. It was not great Farmers Market weather - chilly, blustery and threatening rain! Not much to sell, a tiny bit of asparagus, a tiny bit of rhubarb, fresh herbs from the over-wintered pots, some winter onions. Did have some tasty garlic scapes, which made a few people happy and baffled most. Took some bread, so we'll see what the feedback is on that! Did get some shopping done: some local honey, a local grape jelly and some hothouse tomatoes! Time to get busy!!


  1. Hello,
    I love the Farmers Market , I could spend hours at the market but here it's the morning, not the night.

  2. You couldn't have spent hours at ours Friday, not many vendors were there because for us, not much is ready yet!

  3. Wondering if my last comment got through via Blotanical?