Monday, June 21, 2010

Are We The Last Place in The Universe.....

Are we the last place in the Universe where the peonies have started blooming? Being that we follow gardening blogs from around the world, I've been seeing lovely peony pictures for months. Even Prairie Chicken, a Winnipeg blogger I enjoy immensely, had pictures of her peonies three weeks ago! Winnipeg is only two and a half hours from here! Well, ours are finally blooming, although I admit I took the few open blooms for a bouquet. Farmer Man loves bouquets in the house, as do I, so we make the most of it while we can! Peonies are such an awesome, easy care, reliable perennial for us. Admittedly, did submerge the peonies in a sink of water for a while to get rid of the ants.....the ants seem to love them for their pollen as much as we love them for bouquets!


  1. I can identify. I do not know if it is because we live in a deep valley, but our peonies are still tight as drums, while the ones in the rest of the city are in full bloom. This year my peonies were blooming even behind my neighbor's across the street, simply because his peonies gets morning sun.
    In the end I don't think it matters who is first. Here is an analogy. We always note the age of a child when they start to walk and talk. If you take a room full of forty year old adults, does it really matter who uttered his words first?

  2. Glad you have time to post these days as I am just not getting there. So it is good to read garden and other happenings. We are waiting too but the other things blooming are just great.

  3. So, Aagaard Farms is not the last place in the universe.....but a good point, ultimately it is not that important, just the anticipation......