Tuesday, June 8, 2010

'Blue Moon' Wisteria: The Great Hope

Ahhh, wisteria. This time of year, garden blogs and magazines are featuring pictures of wisteria in all it's glory! And it just doesn't want to grow here - until now! 'Blue Moon' wisteria has been bred and selected to be hardy; depending on which source one reads, hardy enough for Zone 3 or 4. So, of course I had to plant one! If it IS Zone 3 hardy, that would be delightful. My hope is, even if it is Zone 4 hardy, if I can protect the roots, a wisteria is rampant enough to still get to six or eight feet high, even if it gets killed back to the ground. So, I'll add it to the list, along with the barberry, to mulch well in fall, and I'll try to shovel some extra snow onto it as the winter season progresses. Fingers crossed!


  1. Hey..how did your wisteria do? I just picked one up and am curious what the success rate is in our part of Manitoba.Love your site!

    1. Lisa, it is surviving but not thriving. Admittedly, I haven't done much to protect it, but it get cuts back to the snow level each year, and this past year there wasn't much snow. It's still alive and growing again, though! Would love to have it flower....some day.....

  2. Well..thats a good sign I hope..From what I read some say it takes years(up to six) for it to start blooming in climes such as ours.I will plant mine and try and hope for the best as I do for yours..:)

  3. I will try wisteria Blue Moon too if I can find it here in our country. Such a good tip! I'm constantly looking for plants that are bread for our climates. There is so much going on with roses, plants and shrubs in Canada. Love it!