Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Manitoba Sweet Potato Experiment: Round Two!

A bouquet of cuttings!
Much to my disappointment and chagrin, the wee sweet potatoes I over-wintered did not survive.  They were soft and moldy when I retrieved them from the root cellar a few weeks ago and they quickly became compost.  However, I had ordered more cuttings early in January from Vesey's, and they arrived early this week.  My friend Sheri, over at Prairie Roots had forgotten to order until it was too late, so she is trying the method of toothpicks in an organic sweet potato from the store, hanging it in a glass of water with just the end in water and hopefully roots will form.  Hope she blogs about it soon, I would love to know how it's working out!

Now, if you're not familiar with the story, sweet potatoes do not really grow in Canada, let alone on the Prairies.  Our growing season is too short and not hot enough.  It's even hard to find seed sweet potatoes, so last year I was entranced when I saw Vesey's offer cuttings.  If you'd like to read about last years' experiment, check it out here and here!  The new cuttings have been in a glass of water for three days, and got planted in the hoop house this morning!  They had nice, healthy roots growing on them, but these will be roots largely adapted for water.  I'll treat them gently until I'm pretty sure they are well rooted in the soil.  I did not put compost in the holes so there's no chance of over-loading the little babies.  They are planted with one plant in between two tomatoes, so lots of water for that side of the hoop house!  Here's keeping our fingers crossed for this years' Manitoba Sweet Potato Experiment!
They look so small planted out!


  1. I hope this experiment turns out well. Sweet potatoes are very nutritious.

  2. Thanks, Nell Jean!! We'll keep you posted! We love sweet potatoes (well, any potatoes...) Would love to get a decent harvest!

  3. how exciting. I saw the sweet potatoes on Veseys website and thought of you. Wondered how they went last year.

  4. Hi, Marguerite! Nice to see a comment from you! In the hoop house this year, we're hoping to be able to keep them in the ground longer and get better tubers!