Sunday, June 5, 2011

Little Kitty Exploring The Farm!

The little Kitty Mommas had their kittens up in a high place in the barn.  Last week, one bold or unlucky kitten came down; we don't know if he fell or went exploring.  We couldn't catch him so he remained down, while the other three continued to frolic around their high perch.  Thursday night at dusk, while all the dogs were off with Farmer Man, I took my cameras and went for a little stroll.  I was hoping, without the doggies around, to catch some deer or some of the incredible birds that are around the farm right now.  As I came around the east end of the barn I found part of the little Barn Kitty family, out playing on a beautiful, calm evening.  Because I feed them, they are fairly comfortable with me and allowed me to sit down quite close.  If you're interested in how I met the Wild Kitties check out here, here and here.  I must have sat with them for fifteen minutes and I got almost seven minutes of video, which I edited down.  What is quite amazing to me is what a little community these cats are.  The smaller golden one is the mother, and brown tabby is another female and the bigger golden one is an unneutered male, the gold momma's brother.  I have seen a couple of the other males in the group, neutered and unneutered, baby sitting, watching over all the kittens.  The group plays and hangs out together, mostly in harmony, even at feeding time.  I suppose that is why they call feral cats 'colonies' because it really is like a little village.  It takes a village to raise a kitten!


  1. Really cute.Kittens are too funny...that is enjoying life at it's best!

  2. I've never had kittens before so it is just a delight to watch them learn about life!

  3. I've been taking a blogging break so haven't seen this video until now. What a treat. I love watching our cats and the relationships between them but we have no kittens. If it were me I would probably spend hours just watching and playing with the kittens.