Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our Farmers Market Season Gets Underway!

The Friday Night Farmers Market is back in action!  First Farmers Market for us this year!  It was, unfortunately, a cool, windy and rainy day.  Doesn't exactly make for a fabulous market.  But we've all got pop-up tents so everything and everybody managed to stay fairly dry!  It's so nice to see our regulars and catch up with them, as well as having a chance to visit with and catch up with our vendor pals.  Only three vendors made it and there wasn't a whole lot of fresh veggies ready in this cold, wet Spring.  We had some nice, fresh spinach, a good selection of fresh herbs and asparagus, Maple Valley had spring onions and rhubarb and Mann Apiaries was there with, of course, local honey products.  We had all done some baking to fill our tables and what a delightful assortment of breads, buns, sweets and treats!  And we all do different canning so there was a great selection of jams, jellies, pickled beets and relish.  The weather forecast for the upcoming week is a little better, so hopefully the veggies will grow, grow, grow!  Same time next week for the Friday Night Farmers Market: 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM at the corner of 18th and Richmond!  Hope to see you there!


  1. Hard to get the veggies to grow with all this cool wet weather. Some are starting to pop up for me but other seedlings are being demolished by slugs. Nice to see you managed to get some veggies producing.

  2. Everything that we took to the Farmers Market Friday was perennial like the asparagus, or over-wintered/self-seeded like the spinach and the herbs. This years seeded crops are very slow. We're afraid some of both the winter and summer squash has either washed away or rotted in the ground!