Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hoop House: Almost Fully Loaded!

It's odd being a Prairie blogger.  All during the long winter I have little to say and much time.  Now, I have much to say and little time.  We're getting things done around here: we're late, and we're working in between thundershowers, hail and standing water.  The hoop house is almost fully planted.  We've put in a row of tomatoes along one wall, on the left in the picture.  We left a narrow walkway, planted a double 'hedge' of bell peppers and then, along the other wall we have patches of other peppers, including jalapeno, habanero and chili.  All that is left to plant are sweet potato cuttings that just arrived a few days ago.  Apparently, it was cold in North Carolina (!), so the cuttings arrived a little late again this year.  The Manitoba sweet potato experiment will continue; the wee tubers we saved from last year were not worth planting, they were shrunken and mushy.  We're going to plant the cuttings between the tomatoes and cross our fingers!  There is also a small patch of flowers including sunflowers and cosmos, which I hope to be able to cut for a wedding in late July.  Don't you love the 'artistic' curve to the pepper hedge?


  1. Which design did you use for the hoop house? Or did you just put it together yourselves as far as the structure goes. Sure looks like a good place to grow things.

  2. Farmer Man just put it together - after a lot of reading. It's just long rebar pushed into the ground, fastened with wood slats inside and out, then the one piece of plastic is attached with a another layer of slats. Good place to grow on the Prairies, but we're late finishing moving into this year 'cause it was wet soil! Should keep the tomtoes, peppers and sweet potaoes going until late, late in the season!