Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Era School Comes To Garden!

We've donated a garden plot to New Era School this year.  They've got some great gardening projects going on at this small, inner-city school.  As well as having different grades of kids starting seeds indoors and learning about gardening, New Era has created a community garden for families in the neighborhood.  I love seeing kids learning about gardening, where their food comes from and getting out to commune with Mother Nature!  I also love that New Era is really working at getting good food into their breakfast/lunch program and into their community!  Very forward thinking, kudos to New Era!

Teacher Greg Dinsdale and teaching assistant/garden coordinator Blake Hamilton brought out a class of Grade 6'ers yesterday afternoon.  This project has been slightly delayed due to weather but, finally, yesterday was a gorgeous day.  Farmer Man had tilled the plot three days ago and then we'd had a good rain two days ago, so the plot was prime!  Their session started with a little chat from Farmer Man (and Grizzly Bear, who otherwise would have been too disruptive): gardening organically, not to leave plastic pots and tags lying around, don't drink the water from the watering taps and stuff like that.  Then a quick tour of the place.  The goatlings were a huge hit!  Everyone wanted to pick up a baby chick.  The dogs were quite the stars, as well.  Blaze the Border Collie was experiencing nirvana with all the tummy rubs!  Kids even wanted to try to pet Rocky the Rooster, which we did not allow.  Then, the kids got to work planting seedlings that had been raised by all grades at the school!  Their little garden is looking great!

I just love the questions from children.  One young man just wanted to know when the tomatoes would be ready, it was really important to him.  Another wanted to know all about broccoli: was it a tree or bush?  Would he recognize it?  When would it be ready and how would he know?  Had a few questions about why some of the chickens are white and some brown.  We only had the kids for about fifteen minutes; I can only imagine the questions Blake and Greg were getting all afternoon!  Same time next week, to finish planting and do some maintenance!


  1. How fantastic that you're sponsoring this plot of land!! A couple years ago Jamie Oliver did a show about school kids in the UK and their eating habits. One of the most shocking aspects - to me at least - was that many kids could not recognize a vegetable growing in a garden. They knew what a french fry was but no idea it came from a potato and that a potato grows in the ground. This is such an awesome way for kids to reconnect with their food and the outdoors. Congratulations.

  2. Marguerite; did you see Jamie Oliver's 'Food Revolution' that was on TV here last week. He's in LA, did an elementary school test on high school students and I was shocked! They didn't all know where honey was from and things like that! High school students! Kids NEED to know that! Sorry to shout!

  3. What a great program and it is great of you to participate. I think it is really important that kids know where the food comes from and about the work involved in producing it.