Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cleaning Up After The Flooding!

Sheila hard at work on the walkway!
Riverbank Discovery Centre had put out a call for volunteers to help with clean-up after the flooding.  We volunteered immediately; Riverbank Discovery Centre is the original home of the Farmers Markets we organize, and we love this gorgeous public space.  We've driven by and through, during and after the flooding, and we knew they had some, ummm, debris problems.  Fortunately, the building, the interpretive centre never flooded, but I found out today the flood waters came half way up the staircase to the building! A close call!

Some of the 'big' debris.

A nice assortment of people came to help: some members of Brandon's Lions Club, some neighbours of the park (Hi, Kay!), some Garden Club members and just some other great people!  Met Sheila, who came to volunteer at Riverbank because she'd been unable to help with sandbagging during the flood.  Good on you, Sheila!  We were picking up debris largely.  I was surprised at some of the large logs deposited, as well as some hefty 4x4's that may have been part of someones dock or something!  We were raking up piles of small stuff: spruce needles, small twigs, straw and reeds were everywhere.  There's also a fine layer of mud over much of the walkways and stairways that is really hard to sweep up!
A great group!

If you'd like to help with more clean-up, Rachelle at Riverbank Discovery Centre says sometime after the July1st weekend there will be another 'party'.  Email her at to register!

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  1. I wondered what conditions were like there. I guess the flooding has finally subsided then? So nice to see everyone helping out when I'm sure there is an overwhelming amount of work to be done.