Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Goats Know How to Relax!

Chocolate Score The Comfy Chair!

Golden Nibblets Relaxes!
We've read everywhere how much goats like to climb and play.  We're looking into some sort of arrangement for them inside the barn, especially for winter.  A jungle gym, some old playground equipment or something Farmer Man might build with different levels will keep them amused, we hope!  In the meantime, we've found they have really taken to a couple of old chairs we put in the barn.  Originally for our own comfort as we hang out with them or tried to trim their hooves, the Goatlings have co-opted the chairs for their own purposes.  Many an afternoon or evening now we go in to find two lounging on the chairs and one lounging one the bale of hay beside their pen.  Of course, from there they have learned to get up on top of their pen, and jump down from that to get into the other half of the barn where equipment and tools are stored.  Never a dull moment with a goat!

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  1. There is something about a goat that just makes me laugh. I love animals that have a sense of humour and show some sass.