Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Third Ever.....

Well, if you're reading this blog you now where I'm going with this! It WAS just Friday night. The Friday Night Farmers' Market at Shoppers' Mall had a pretty good night for its' third night ever. Wasn't really busy; we were hoping the volume would be building every week. But, admittedly, in Brandon it is soccer weekend. It seemed like almost every child in Brandon, and therefore every parent was down at the soccer pitch at Optimist Park. It was crazy down there!

Maple Valley Farms was first to market with some very nice radishes. They sold very quickly! We were there with asparagus, onions, our pickled beets and some plants. The asparagus is definitely slowing down now, although a good rain may perk it up. Farmer Boy did repairs on the irrigation system today (Saturday) so we can get the drip irrigation running on the asparagus. We didn't run any ads for the market this week, so maybe will try a bit more advertising next week to see if we can build the volume. Cory came by with her registration for CSA and she's so excited. It's so invigorating for us to see someone enthusiastic about what we're doing!

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