Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Farmer Boy gets Fleeced!

Horticulturally fleeced that is! Or row covered. Fleece is an excellent tool for the pesticide-free farmer or gardener. Light enough for water and sun to get through but keeps bugs from getting in. This lightweight cloth we're using offers a couple of degrees of frost protection, too. (A very important consideration for the Prairie gardener, even in June). Here, Farmer Boy has covered baby cabbages he and Frank just planted out. This will keep the cabbage butterfly from laying her eggs, which become little chewing machines when they hatch. This fleece is not completely tucked in - all edges should be covered with soil to really seal it. However, we may be replacing this three foot roll with a six foot roll because it's not loose enough for the cabbage to grow. This is really a triple row of cabbage, and there is just not enough give to allow the plants to expand.

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