Friday, June 12, 2009

The Second Ever Friday Night Farmers' Market!

Yes, it was our second, ever, in the whole wide world, Friday Night Farmers' Market at Shoppers' Mall!! Didn't get off on the best footing - literally! Twenty minutes before opening, just as we finished setting up, a big downpour. And wind, of course......But, it all ended just before opening and was just spitting a titch as selling started. Continued to clear up and was quite nice for the last half! Had a few customers waiting in their cars for selling to start - always nice to see at a new market that people are already in the groove! We were right in front of a big puddle though; have to consider our exact location for next week: maybe forward a foot would be better!

Again, not much for us to take yet. Six pounds of asparagus, a whole bunch of bunches of onions, some pickled beets and some of the more interesting seedlings we've started. Sold a few ground cherries, some 'Ildi' tomatoes, some tomatillos and some spearmint. Seedlings are looking a little tall and floppy - they've got to get in the ground soon!

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