Monday, June 8, 2009

Rain. Beautiful Rain!

A beautiful, light rain all day! Just what we needed. Not a heavy downpour that would beat down the seedlings or compact the soil. Just a gorgeous, steady drizzle all day, slowly soaking in to nourish the seeds and seedlings. We knew it was going to happen, of course. We HAD just washed the truck.........

The 'girls' are rather filthy tonight - maybe they haven't learned yet the difference between a dust bath and a mud bath. Rain is suppose to happen tomorrow as well, which is wonderful for our sandy soil - it almost can't rain enough! What rained this morning has probably soaked straight through to the other side of the planet already and is making their crops happy. But, we're happy not to have to use the precious water in our dugout to water now. That water is best saved until the usual drought mid-July.

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