Monday, June 15, 2009

A Personal Day, Sort Of....

It was a Sunday off, the first in quite a while. Farmer Boy did start out with some serious work - weed suppression in the potato field. (You GO, Farmer Boy!). I worked in the beds and borders, which are seriously behind schedule (The Veronica teucrium IS alive, yeah!!) Then, off to try out our new fishing gear! Farmer Boy has fished since he was a little boy, and Santa brought him the gear for Christmas. We went out yesterday to get a second set and then after set-up and practice at home it was off to the river. Definitely a learning curve to this fishing thing - push forward, hold line, cast, push back. I wasted more line reeling in the wrong direction but may have the hang of it now, sort of. We'll try again next day off.

Then, off to refurbish the fountain that is beside our outdoor sitting area. Farmer Boy decided we needed a deeper reservoir so out came the old pond and in went a new deeper one. The foundation is a piece of rebar and an old potato fork. Then, the artful stacking of rocks and we have a beautiful, lyrical little fountain. By bedtime, though, it was apparent that tooooo much splashing was going on, we were losing too much water so some rocks will have to be re-arranged. Faithful Blaze supervised the whole procedure.

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