Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Cucumbers ARE Alive!

The lettuce.....not so much. A whole plot of lettuce - just nothing. The cucumbers took forever to germinate and we were afraid something was wrong. But, after a few days of nice weather and warm nights, the cukes have put in an appearance. The lettuce, planted three weeks before the cukes, is still missing in action. And that's weird! The lettuce is suppose to love cool weather and should have been up very quickly. So, Farmer Boy is going to give it a few days and then he's plowing it under! Lettuce planted just a week ago is already showing, so not much hope for the first batch.

Farmer Boy has been busy! All the melon plants are in, most of the ground cherries, most of the vast numbers of peppers! Planting seedlings is hard work, lots of bending or crawling on the ground. He'll be happy to have all the seedlings in over the next few days. Then it's on to do battle with weeds and bugs!

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