Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh, My Gawd, We Forgot the Dill!

It's that time of season. The dreams of winter, the anticipation of early spring, all turn to.....quiet desperation. We forgot to plant dill, the lettuce didn't germinate, the beets didn't germinate very well, the seedlings need water in the south field and in the west field. The weeds are growing faster than anything else - we won't be able to find the asparagus soon! The potato beetle is making a big appearance, the babies are already hatching and the leaves are getting chewed! The guy we were going to get some young pigs from suddenly can't supply and where will we get more this time of year? What will we have for the first CSA share? What will we have for the first Farmers' Market at Riverbank Discovery Centre? It's an uncomfortable time of year, so many things to worry about. It all seemed sooooo well organized three months ago!

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