Sunday, June 7, 2009

The First Friday Night Farmers' Market!

The first ever Friday Night Farmers' Market at Shoppers Mall was, well, a great success! With little budget to advertise, we had over a hundred people out. We're counting that as a success. It's amazing what a little visibility can do for a Farmers' Market! We had people drop in from seeing the sign and the action. Lots of appreciative locals who are excited that there will be a market in their neighbourhood. We think that Market can grow quite nicely this summer!

We didn't have much to take. We got about nine pounds of asparagus off - the first time we've ever sold asparagus! That's the nice thing about an early market! The Farmers' Market at Riverbank Discovery Centre doesn't start until beginning of July, so the little bit we've gotten off the asparagus we've used for friends and as an early signing bonus for CSA members. Now the asparagus is a little older, it's finally cropping well. We also had some winter onions (very tasty!) and some of our more interesting seedlings like ground cherries and tomatillos. The other vendors with baking and jams did well and Julie of J.R. Greenhouses was the star with greenhouse grown cukes and tomatoes! We treated ourselves to a couple of tomatoes and they were good! (not quite like field-grown, but waaaaaaay tastier than what's in the stores!) Good to be back with some of our favourite suppliers - we've waited all winter for honey buns from Mann Apiaries and flax bread from Maple Valley Farms!

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  1. Hey, great idea for a Friday night market, great turn out for the first one. Really enjoy being a part of your markets!! Will be spending a lot of time with you guys this summer!
    Busy as can bee - Georgine