Thursday, June 4, 2009

There's Nothing Cuter Than a Baby!

Baby's, in general, are adorable. Doesn't matter the species: fish, fowl, mammal, they're cute! But there can hardly be anything more adorable than a baby chick. The ultimate in cuteness! Right out of their little box, our twenty five are peeping, pecking, fluffy cute machines. Little dashes around their pen end in little tumbles head-over-heels, then they stand up and dash somewhere again! Forays into feeding end up as face plants in the feed dish. And the little, gentle 'peep peep peep' all the time, just excruciatingly cute, cute, cute!!

There little pen is in our sunroom for now. We excluded the cats completely by stapling heavy plastic to the door, with an expandable gate over that so they can't get underneath or through the little area left for our access. We're both just popping in to check them out - then end up standing there just watching their antics for more time then we should spare. The heat lamp is set up; they should be happy in their new home!

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