Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We've Got Mushrooms!

Wow, this is easier than I thought!  In just a short time, we've got Shiitake mushrooms.  Posted here about receiving a mushroom log from Richter's Herbs.  With just a little maintenance, we've got mushrooms!  And lots of things bubbling on the surface of the log, which should become mushrooms soon.  The process has really been quite simple: make slits in the bag the log was shipped in, run water through the bag, find a cool place with indirect light.  We've had to keep up the humidity which we've achieved by wrapping the log, on a seed tray, in a clear plastic bag.  What's really exciting:  the oyster mushroom log just arrived!


  1. So that took less than 2 weeks?? Somehow I thought it took much longer. They look great!!

  2. It has been pretty easy. The hard parts now are keeping the humidity up and harvesting promptly, because the mushrooms aren't at their peak very long!