Monday, May 30, 2011

Some Friends Meet The Goatlings!

Mabel, Saying Hi!

Very Interesting - What Is This?
Joe and Calla popped over yesterday for a wee visit and to meet the goats!  It's so nice to get back to a more normal life after the flooding; all roads leading to our farm are re-opened and it's so much easier to get to and from Brandon.  The young goats love people, and don't mind dogs, cats and chickens!  They've been somewhat stuck in the barn in rainy weather, so they were happy for some attention!  They did a bit of 'acting up' for Joe and Calla!  All photos courtesy Joe and Calla.


  1. They are so cute! I can hardly wait to meet them in August, when they will be much bigger, I expect, but hopefully just as cute!


  2. They are so playful and inquisitive! You're going to love them! You'll just have to watch their horns - no bending over to pet a goat!