Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hoop House reconstructed!

Hoop House, Deconstructed

Hoop House, Reconstructed
OK, we're definitely a little behind this year.  Behind in blogging, too, because we reconstructed the hoop house about two weeks ago.  I've had the pictures, had the story, didn't get it posted because other things kept coming up - like baby goats!  Last summer our hoop house suffered fatal damage in a summer storm.  We had a little trouble this Spring finding the plastic because everything in town had been purchased to help build flood protection.  We finally got our hands on a good roll of appropriate plastic and made a date with some friends.  Deb, Calla and Joe came over on an evening to help put the house back together.  While us ladies were looking at kittens, Joe and Farmer Man got the plastic over the hoops very easily.  They secured it by shoveling dirt on the bottom edges.  It was quite calm that night, but started to rain on us.  Once the plastic was over the hoop house, we had to nail in wood slats along the sides, which holds the plastic in place.  The three ladies worked together on one side, the men on the other side.  A bit of a challenge to straighten the plastic and then nail in used, warped boards.  Obviously, we got it done.  Farmer Man just had to reattach the doors on both ends and it's good to go another year!  I've already planted some flower seeds because I'm hoping to supply a wedding in July!  Soon, some of the tomatoes and peppers will get transplanted out there for a fast start in the high temperatures and wind protection it affords.  A hoop house is a good thing to have!  


  1. Hi congratulations! we call them polytunnels over here in England, at least you will be able to work even when the rain falls...

  2. I wonder if your weather has improved recently like ours has? It was so cold and wet here and then it was like someone turned up the dial. Spring was so delayed and now suddenly all the work has to be done in triple time. I'm severely falling behind on everything. But at least I don't have a hoop house to put up! Good job getting it up, it looks great.

  3. Hi, Mike: I've seen them called 'high hoops' as well. We're hoping to extend our season, keeping the tomatoes and peppers growing even after some fall frosts! Marguerite, we had two really nice days and now we're back to rain - because, of course, its the Long Weekend!