Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wow, I Won Something, Voting to Help Someone Else Win Something!

Not to long ago one of my favorite canning/food blogs, Well Preserved, entered a video in a contest to promote sustainable seafood.  The contest was run by Ocean Wise, a Canadian conservation program educating diners and sellers about Earth-friendly seafood choices.  I like what they do over there at Well Preserved, so I checked out the contest and the videos and really like theirs, so I voted for it a number of times!  And I won, just for participating.  I won a gorgeous seafood cookbook 'The Ocean Wise Cookbook, Seafood Recipes That Are Good For The Planet'.  It's a super book, with information not only on which varieties are harvested sustainably, but wild versus farmed (farmed is not necessarily bad), health info and awesome recipes for almost any species you can think of!  Great photos, too!  It's a super, hefty book; it's a huge pleasure to add it to the cookbook shelf!  Check out Joel's winning video on Ocean Wise's Facebook page here.  And, if you decide you need it to add to your cookbook shelf, start your shopping at the link above, and help buy treats for the Hens and Goats!


  1. How cool! Joel did a great job with the video and I'm glad it raised a lot of awareness.

    Have fun with the new cookbook!

  2. It's an awesome cookbook! And I'm so happy it was for a good cause - you're right, Joel's video was great!