Saturday, May 14, 2011

We've Got Goats!

Does that make me a shepherdess?  And Farmer Man a shepherd?  Something else to add to the resume!  We made a trip to San Clara, Manitoba today, heading north away from the flooding to Brambles Nubian Goat Farm.  We came home with four young goats, three for us and one we transported for someone having a hard time making the trip themselves.  Our three are four to five month old doelings, all 75% Nubian.  We got two blondes and a brunette!  The other ladies' young buckling has a gorgeous spotted brown coat - very handsome.  All the goats were placed in the chicken pasture and seem to be settling in well with some nice hay.  Rocky the Rooster keeps cruising up and down past them, but he seems okay with it all.  We hope to get the girls bred late in the Fall and have babies and milk in the Spring.  Then, we're going to make lovely goats milk soap to add to our Farmers Market table.  I'd better go check on them, again, they made need some petting to help them settle in!


  1. You bet, Laura! And if your busy little Etsy shoppe, Cubit's, gives you some time off - come on out and pet them! Your little one will love them!