Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kids and Kittens

Things are picking up around Aagaard Farms, as the snow melts and things get warmer.  Our garden plot renters are starting to drop by, to register and to see how the gardens are doing.  Michelle was by to drop off her registration a few days ago; she had her four children in tow.  When asked if they would like to see the kittens in the barn, well, the kids were enthusiastic, to say the least!  Michelle's youngest is only around two, so we had to keep an eye on her.  Michelle's oldest is about six, her second is maybe five; they helped their two younger siblings by holding the kittens.  Much 'ooohing' and 'ahhhing' ensued.  Nothing like kids and kittens!  Of course Rocky started crowing over in his pasture, and our next stop was to see the rooster and The Hens!  Love giving kids a tour of the Farm!


  1. and here I thought maybe you had managed to give away a kitten or three! I remember visiting my aunt and uncles farm when I was little and my favourite activity by far was playing with the kittens.

  2. Hi, Marguerite; the kitten are not quite old enough yet for giving away. I'm hoping to find them good homes in a few weeks when they are weaned!