Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's Official - Earth Day in Brandon is Cancelled!

As I sit here watching a snow storm, yes a snow storm, just received the email that Earth Day 2011 in Brandon is cancelled.  They will not be re-scheduling this year.  Good thing I celebrated vicariously by reading other people blog posts and Twitters!  According to organizers of the Facebook event page, the white spruce seedlings can still be had by emailing Tom at or calling 729-2171.  Too bad, but's snowing!


  1. Goodness I thought it was bad here. We seem to be done with the snow but now it's just cold, windy and raining. I'll take that over more snow any day. Sending you warm wishes.

  2. By evening May 2, the snow is almost all gone! But, wow....what a weekend!